Stamakai® Work-Action & Tactics

If you're at the point where your costs are out of control or your customer is compromised due to late deliveries and poor quality, training is not an option. If you've inherited someone else's problems and can't focus on management and operations, we can carry the load. Or if you just need it done now, our SWAT Teams (Stamakai® Work-Action & Tactics) make things happen.

GEI SWAT Teams are deployed rapidly to your site to make your operations more efficient. We are highly effective in any production or operations scenario where you need immediate results.

SWAT Teams target your immediate needs. We quickly assess the actions necessary to bring operations up to speed and employ a multi-disciplined approach using a hybrid of methodologies. We just get the job done -- whatever the scope.

When the crisis has passed, we proactively recommend systemic changes to avoid similar incidents. We can build the improvement capability of your people, so they can do it on their own.

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