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At GEI, our focus is working with you to solve your most important business problems, with incredible speed. Our FAST® Improvement methodology assures that you apply the right tool to the right problem.


The Benefit to You

Quicker Results! Our products and services are designed to deliver FAST® results on real problems.
Big Dollars to the bottom line. Our clients have realized returns from 10:1 to over 100:1 for every dollar invested in GEI.
Work on the "right" problems. We help you define the "right" problems to avoid expending resources where you won't get significant returns.
Use the "right" tool, at the "right" time. Our comprehensive approach to improvement allows us to apply the "right" tool and improvement approach to any business problem.

In short, GEI has developed a track record for achieving results, incredibly fast, for our clients.

Examples include:

Changeover times reduced by 60% - 80%, in some cases completely eliminated!
WIP reductions of up to 90%!
Leadtimes reduced by 95%!
Quality Improvement projects increased operating profits by $10.5 million in less than a year
FAST® Improvement skill transfer - clients build sustainable internal capability!

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  Fast® Quality is GEI's approach to Six Sigma Quality.