Fast® Improvement

What is FAST® Improvement?
FAST® Improvement is a powerful application of the right choice of Leansm Operations, Six Sigma Quality, and Business Process Improvement to the right problems, resulting in incredibly FAST® breakthrough results in your business performance.

Leansm Operations focuses on maximizing the flow and velocity of an operation. (e.g. making a gear or billing a customer) The objective is to design the workflow to minimize waste and create a flow of the product or service at a pace set by the customer.

Six Sigma Quality focuses on perfecting what is made (e.g. an invoice or a gear) and how it is made (forms, parts, machines, training, testing, etc.). The objective is to design and create a product or service without defects, rework, or errors.

Business Process Improvement focuses on optimizing the information flow and value-added activity in the supporting processes of your operation or business. (e.g. hiring, billing, order delivery processes). The objective is to create business processes that deliver information and services without delay or errors.

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