Stamakai® Leansm Training Series

The Stamakai® Leansm Training Series is a set of training materials to fulfill multiple purposes. The materials cover the fundamental concepts of Stamakai® Leansm, help the student understand the mechanics of the techniques, and illustrate how the implement Leansm. Major components of the training series include:


Advocate Training - This training component focuses on helping the Advocate group understand their unique roles in leading Stamakai® Leansm. The Advocates are the core group of people who are either formal leaders or informal leaders who make the day-to-day operating decisions that the rest of the organization will take signals from. This 3-day course includes 1 1/2 days of classroom work and 1 1/2 days of 5S activity (to drive home the point that Stamakai® Leansm is a very hands-on and action-oriented process).

Stamakai® Leansm Quick Starter Training - The Quick Starter training is comprised of four one-week courses that are intended to develop very deep technical capability in a few people in the plants or organization. The people, the Quick Starters, will be the technical resources for your business units as you begin to roll out projects, plan future projects, and develop measurement systems to keep track of Leansm improvements. The training is conducted one session per month over a period of four months. This provides time in between sessions for the attendees to go back to their respective home locations and conduct at least one project based on the most recent session's focus.

Technical Modules - The technical modules are a series of mini-courses that cover specific Leansm techniques and subjects. The mini-courses are intended to be used during Kaizen events so that project team members receive training on the subjects that are most pertinent to their projects. The technical modules include Intro to Stamakai® Leansm, 5S, Pull Production, Cycle Time Reduction, Total Productive Maintenance, Changeover Reduction, Visual Factory, and Quality Improvement.

Foundations of Leansm - This course is used when a client wants to conduct "awareness" education for groups of people who are not directly involved in Leansm. Basic concepts and terminology are covered. This might be used in a company where Leansm projects are underway (so that a few people are receiving detailed training) and management wants the balance of the organization to at least be knowledgeable of the basics so they can appreciate the improvements. This course could range from a one-hour overview to a one-day class.

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