About GEI

GEI is a consulting organization focused on delivering Stamakai® Leansm services to manufacturers and service industry companies throughout the world. We utilize an improvement model that recognizes the unique and diverse needs of our clients.

GEI is headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana, just south of Indianapolis. Our consultants are geographically dispersed, with residences ranging from the northwest to the south to the west. Our consultants are seasoned and highly experienced manufacturing and operations professionals.

We are driven by results! We define results in two ways. The first and most traditional is centered on the results you expect from the immediate project. The second (and higher impact) are the results that occur over and over due to institutionalization of process improvements. These are the sustainable results that pay many dividends!


We utilize a Stamakai® Leansm implementation model that recognizes the complexity of meshing technical challenges with the ever-present human factors. Our implementation model helps our clients fit the pieces of Stamakai® Leansm together to produce aggressive and lasting results.



Recognize Lean principles, practices, & terms.

Recognize potential for Lean

Recognize Lean CSFs & define your current state

Define the tie between Lean & Six Sigma efforts

Practice 5S

Get started with measures

Do action plan



Define an implementation model for a Pull System

Recognize the essential requirements for a Pull System

Recognize & overcome barriers to a Pull System

Define the actions required to start a Pull System

Integrate Pull System project

Do action plan



Analyze & improve support systems required for Pull production

Measure & control Pull System using feedback & Visual Control System

Define types of support (6Ms) on a Pull System

Do action plan



Define systems, culture, & policy barriers to a Pull System

Define & integrate value chain management

Integrate continuous improvement culture

Implement a systems/culture/policy Lean project

Define next steps & develop an action plan with Advocate commitment

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