Service Industry

One of the fundamental concepts of Stamakai® Leansm is the elimination of waste. Waste can take many forms some very obvious and some more obscure. In office settings, the information generated in the business processes is the "product". In non-repetitive processes, the waste and opportunities for improvement are sometimes more difficult to see. From GEI's perspective, this waste is "fair game" and represents significant opportunity for most organizations.

Stamakai® Leansm concepts and tools apply to Service Industries as well as white collar and office processes in manufacturing companies. In many cases, the terminology changes and the examples are different, but the basic principles and methods still apply.

"Training materials developed specifically for White Collar/Service Industries"

Our consultants have implemented Stamakai® Leansm process improvements in a variety of industries including Legal, Accounting, Insurance, Utilities, Transportation, Health Care and Civic organizations. Results include reduced costs, improved customer service, and improved flexibility and quality.

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