Process Documentation

When companies do not have detailed, written descriptions of their overall process flow, individual processes, and work instructions, the consequences can be disastrous. The resulting inconsistent work habits between employees cause scrap, rework, increased process time, miscommunication, and late deliveries as well as frustration among the workforce. GEI process documentation services to help you through these issues.

Our approach is to work closely with the employees most directly involved with each process. Together, we review the current practices, evaluate the process to eliminate waste, develop an improved method using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and document the new procedures. Measurements of set-up time, lead-time, cycle time, downtime, productivity, work-in-process, floor space, scrap, and travel distance are made before and after the improvements. Each step of the process is formally documented for approval and distribution by the organization.

The documentation helps to stabilize and maintain the process, identify areas where variation is occurring (this is an opportunity for improvement), and support or sustain your quality certification(s).


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