Stamakai® Supply Cost Management

For many companies, 50% to 70% of product cost is derived from outside the company. Our broad experience in working with original equipment manufacturers and suppliers allows us numerous ways to identify cost improvement opportunities up and down your supply chain.

We begin by assessing specific products with specific suppliers through our SSCM (Stamakai® Supply Cost Management) process which identifies opportunities to eliminate waste and target improvements. An action plan is developed whereby process efficiencies can be increased, relationships can be improved, and purchased material costs can be typically reduced a minimum of 20%.

This is not simply an exercise in negotiations, but a reduction in cost based on data-driven specifics. Once a supply chain is identified and core capabilities are determined and assessed, a strategy can be devised to capitalize on a client's existing strengths. This allows an increase in profit without a substantial increase in resources.

In addition to cost savings from your supply base, the same SSCM processes also apply to your internal cost structure in the areas of manufacturing process improvement, policy, and design optimization

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