Stamakai® Leansm Leadership Services

In addition to our Stamakai® Leansm operations and process improvement services, GEI assists clients in serveral complementary and related areas.

We at GEI have a restults-driven, professional approach to our processes and programs and yet we are comfortable in a "roll up your sleeves" environment where teamwork is prized.

Here are some areas where GEI can provide strong support to help your business:

Strategic Planning
Are you communicating a compelling and inspiring vision for all employees?

Have you identified the vital few strategic objectives that will attain the vision and provide sustainable competitive advantage?

Do your employees understand and support these objectives?

Does each employee understand their role in accomplishing them?

Do your employees feel they are contributing to the overall success of the business?

GEI can help your organization develop a sound Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Business Objectives methodology. The pupose of a strong, agreed upon Vision, Mission, and Strategic path is to align all employees with overall business success. It is paramount that your business leaders believe, understand and act in a manner consistent with this important business initiative.

Leadership Development & Succession Planning Do you have a solid, strategic leadership development process?

Are there strong "replacements" in line for key positions, especially as the business might look in the future?

The ability of an organization to acquire, develop and retain the most talented people is one of the most important factors for long-term success of any business. GEI can help identify the key skills, abilities and behaviors necessary for continued success. We can then help with a process to identify key positions, select leadership candidates, assemble strong strategic development plans and successfully monitor the process.

Leansm Presentation Skills
Are the employees in your company who communicate with the "outside" world (managers, executives, sales/marketing personnel, etc.) communicating the right message in an effective way?

Do employees at all levels communicate professionally when interacting with others, either one on one or with a group?

Leansm Presentation Skills is a dynamic, behavior driven workshop for employees at all levels. This workshop focuses on instilling confidence and improving key behaviors such as eye contact, voice inflection, gestures and facial expressions. The workshop also improves professional communication techniques such as preparing, opening, using visuals, answering questions, closing and much more. In addition, participants learn the "magic" of communicating to the needs of their audience. Participants give a number of videotaped presentations with powerful, improved results.

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