Fast® Quality

What is FAST® Quality?
FAST® Quality is GEI's unique and powerful approach to Six Sigma Quality.

Six Sigma Quality is an ideal level of performance, near zero-defects, which produces a product, service, or transaction. It indicates achievement of world-class performance.
Six Sigma Quality Improvement is a proven methodology driven by the understanding of customer needs, and the disciplined use of facts, data, and statistical analysis.
FAST® Quality combines the methodology of Six Sigma Quality with the speed of Leansm Operations to create a process that delivers breakthrough results at incredible speed.
The FAST® Quality Improvement Process uses a Kaizen approach that shortens project cycle times from months to weeks.

FAST® Quality Improvement Process

Phase 1: Focus on the vital few
Recognize FAST® Quality principles, practices and language.
Recognize potential for FAST® Quality
Identify customer critical quality characteristics
Phase 2: Analyze the current situation
Define the process
Test the measurement system
Analyze the current performance
Phase 3: Successful improvement
Identify root causes of the problem
Test and implement solutions
Phase 4: Transform the process
Redefine the process
Implement control system
Communicate project results, findings, and future recommended actions.

Training and Support Services
GEI offers a variety of workshops on FAST® Improvement and FAST® Quality designed to address your needs.

Foundations of FAST® Improvement
This is a one-day introduction to FAST® Improvement. In this workshop you will learn how Lean Operations, Six Sigma Quality, and Business Process Improvement can bring your operation or business outstanding results in customer satisfaction and financial performance. You will learn the basic "language" of FAST® Improvement and be introduced to the FAST® Quality process.

FAST® Improvement for Leadership
This is a one or two day workshop for leadership. GEI specialists perform a pre-workshop assessment of your operation or business to assist you in the identification of your critical-to-business-success issues. The output of the workshop is a list of the "vital few" improvement projects for FAST® Improvement teams to immediately implement.

FAST® Quality Kaizen Project
This is a six to eight week program for Project Teams designed to deliver fast results on a real project. The program consists of three Kaizen sessions over a five-week period, followed by a one to two week follow-up. At the completion of the process, the project will be complete or have a clear plan for completion; the team members will have the FAST® Quality improvement skills (green belt level in Six Sigma terminology) needed to implement future improvement projects.

FAST® Quality for Technical Leaders
This is a program designed to build technical capability and expertise in your operation. The program consists of repeated applications of the FAST® Quality process as a team leader, supplemented by training on the advanced tools needed to analyze complex problems. At the completion of the program, two to four projects will be complete and individual(s) will have FAST® Quality Technical Leader (black belt) level skills. Once a Technical Leader has demonstrated competence in applying the concepts and tools of FAST® Quality, GEI will sponsor their certification as a Technical Leader black belt). A certified FAST® Quality Technical Leader can be expected to complete five to eight projects per year with an average savings of $150 - $300 thousand per project.

Testimonials and Results

FAST® Quality Results

Implemented quality and productivity improvement projects in a $170 million Tier I automotive company, $10.5 million increase in operating profit in the first year.
First time yield improvement from 40% to 99%, resulted in $4 million annual savings.

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