ISO Certification

Whether it is Quality Management or Environmental Management systems, GEI can assist you in total implementation or transition from previous revisions of the standard.

 GEI can assist you in documentation development, training, overview, and audit training. We can assist you in finding a registrar that will best fit your needs and help you to obtain your certification.

 Every employee within your company should be trained on your quality and environmental management systems.  Let us assist you in this training.

QS 9000:1994 transition to TS 16949:2002

 On December 14th, 2006 QS 9000 will be gone.  Is your company ready for this transition?  Let GEI assist you in your transitional needs.  Understand the differences and the process approach that the TS standard requires.

ISO 14000:1994

 GEI can help your company prepare for the environmental standard ISO 14000:1994.  Let GEI help you to develop your significant aspects and impacts through a multi-disciplinary approach.


Internal Auditor Training

 The newly revised standards require that you prove competence and training for your internal auditors.  Let our Certified Lead Auditors help you to bring your internal audit staff into compliance with the 4-day internal audit training. This class breaks down the respective standard, teaches audit techniques, and offers a comprehensive look at how to be an effective auditor!

 The student will have 10 hours of ISO Standard training, 10 hours of conducting audits (mock audits) 8 hours audit reporting, 4 hours of review with a 2 hour exam given after the class is completed.  (There will be homework given each night)

Executive Overview

 This class is for Upper level management and Management representatives to understand the respective Quality or Environmental standards.  In this course, the objective is to understand the requirements of the respective standard, and come away with knowledge of the certification process.

Core Tools

 This course is to give instruction on the core tools needed for PPAP development as required in the TS 16949:2002 Standard.  Core tools include:

      FMEA development




      Control Plans, etc.

Internal Audit Services

ISO 9000:2000. TS 16949:2002 and     ISO 14000:1994

 Let GEI take the Internal Audit monkey off your back.

 GEI can help you to develop an effective internal audit schedule, conduct the audits and report to your management representative on the findings of  the audit.

 The advantage to this is;

 1. An outside source for internal audits

 2. Audit Schedule to fit your needs

 3. Free up your employees to do their respective jobs, and not continually adjust their schedules to conduct audits.

 4. Have your internal audits in a combined packet for the third party auditor.

      Through having GEI conduct your internal audits, you’ll find your schedule is much more effective and most important of all, stays on schedule!

      You’ll save thousands of dollars each year by giving your employees the time to do the job you hired them for.  Few companies hire an Engineer or another professional employee to act as a full time auditor.  Get the most bang for your buck by allowing your people to do the job you’re paying them for!


 Internal Audit pricing is based upon company size and number of auditors required to conduct an effective audit.



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