Analytical Modeling
GEI, Inc. has the ability to construct analytical models of common business situations and to solve these models for optimal results using mathematical programming techniques.

BDO Alliance Firms
This is a listing and brief summary of the firms that are independent members of the BDO Business Resource Network.

Company Deployment
This document is an introduction to Stamakai Lean as well as Stamakai Lean Quick Starter Training: process-focused, results-driven, and implementation oriented.

FAST Quality
FAST quality process improvement is a unique and powerful approach to Six Sigma quality.

FAST Results
A list of how GEI achieves FAST results.

General Info
This is a brief, general GEI profile.

Lean Black Belt Training
Includes the definition of a Lean Expert; also includes descriptions of leading, executing, supporting, and sustaining Lean.

Operational Due Diligence
GEI can help when you need to assess the operational performance and, more importantly, the potential operational performance of an acquisition candidate or a divestiture candidate.

Ops Performance
Operations Performance Assessment is a service specifically designed for M&A's, CPA's, banks, venture capitalists, and any other organization that is involved in acquiring or divesting businesses.

Partial Client List
This is a partial client list.

Process Documentation
GEI can help your company evaluate and document your current manufacturing and/or office processes.

These are several examples of Lean improvements from projects GEI consultants have led. Results vary based on factors, but these examples are from actual projects.

Shared Training Opportunities
Any size company can get world-class training and get a real bargain in the cost of training and implementation.

Six Sigma
GEI has developed a faster, better, results-focused approach to Six Sigma - FAST Quality.

Top Line Growth
GEI's approach to increase top line growth in a shaky global economy.

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